Crème de Abacate (Avocado cream)

Crème de Abacate means avocado cream and it  is a brasilian dessert that one can see in the dessert menu in Brazil. It looks beautiful, tastes good and will definitely impress your guests.


2 medium Avocados
2 tbsp Lime Juice
4 tbsp Brown Sugar
White Wine
Sprig of mint


This dessert should fix it just before serving because the avocado is… very tough, it can’t wait too long ! In fact, when its flesh comes in contact with air, loses its green color. Halve each avocado, remove the seed then peel and slice the flesh. Place the avocado slices, lime juice and sugar in a food processor or blender and process  until completely smooth, adding a little white wine if the puree is very stiff.   Transfer to individual stemmed glasses and serve. You can also use a fork and mash the fruit with the lime juice, then add sugar to taste and serve it in little bowls. Decorate with a little sprig of mint.

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