The different types of Avocados

There are many different avocado types. They have different characteristics, such as peel, taste and size. Each avocado lover has its favorite. Here is the list of the most common avocado types:


Fuerte avocados are green with smooth skin. Samples that are different from mature selection of variety, but all varieties are ripe when it falls in the Light weight pressure (we like scanty mature and tighter when you cut slices). Cut the avocados on cucumber. To ripen properly, we can close with a ripe banana in a plastic bag and leave them at room temperature. We can even put it in if closed jar in flour. Not cool avocados until they are ripe.


Avocados Hass, is a variety with very dark prasino paring a rough and bumpy fleio.Created by Rudolph Hass was a postman and amateur botanist. A new tree variety frouto Haas produces 200-300 grams. When the fruit is ripe, is dark purple-black color disappears in light finger pressure.
The Haas variety is the most important commercial variety of the world. In the United States accounts for 80% of production in California and reaches 95%. New Zealand is also the variety kaliergeitai more. If cut in half and remove pits can easily be eaten with a spoon, because the skin acts as a bowl.


Zutano avocado is yellow-green glossy and smooth fleio.


Ettinger avocado has a smooth, thin green fleio not xefloudlizei easily. The souls have pale green. The stone is too large. Derived from varieties of avocados in Mexico and Guatemala.


Avocados Bacon is green with a smooth fleio.


Reed Avocados have a rich creamy taste and soft texture. Larger than the Hass.Wonderful in salads and guacamole (avocado with tomato molten onion and salt). It is mature later than all other avocado. Prefer those who enjoy this rich flavor and texture.



Pinkerton avocados are green with a little thick paring with slight bumps. It is usually the largest in size.

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